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What does Estonian government and authorities think about FoodDocs?

Our customers often ask what does The Veterinary and Food Board (VFB) think about our digital food safety plan.

The question is fully justified because the VFB issues activity licenses and notifications of economic activity to businesses and evaluates if the food safety plan is in accordance to the requirements set by the law.

That's why it was a logical step to involve Ministry of Rural Affairs and VFB under its administration from the beginning of the creation of FoodDocs. We got the confirmation that our common purpose is to create and maintain reliable food safety system in food handling companies.

Thanks to the effective co-operation with the authorities, their valuable feedback and suggestions, FoodDocs is becoming convenient and useful tool that is used by more than 1600 businesses as of today.

The Deputy Director General of The Veterinary and Food Board Olev Kalda considers the food handlers to understand their responsibilities that are set to them through the requirements to be one of the most important challenges. He notes that one tool for that can be FoodDocs which is created in compact and understandable form and it helps food handlers to understand and carry the responsibilities.

“Indisputably, the food handler needs a comfortable opportunity and tool that would lessen the administrative burdens of the company and that makes food safety system transparent, in that way also promoting the work of supervision,” says Kalda. He adds that FoodDocs might be a beneficial argument to prove your business compliance with external partners.

We at FoodDocs are pleased that we have been able to experience such positive co-operation. We are open and appreciative to all the feedback that our clients or partners might have during the usage of our system.

We are working to make FoodDocs next Estonian e-government project through what all the communicating between food businesses, supervision and ministry takes place.

Only with the concord of all the parties can we make the supervision of food safety transparent, uniform and understandable and with that raise the quality.

Safe food – saved lives!

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