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What do mobile applications give to agriculture?

Digitization and use of electronic solutions is one of the ways of creating additional growth opportunities for the agricultural sector. About how to make the agricultural sector smarter, we were told by Ingrid Wesmes, head of the Food Risk Bureau of the Ministry of Rural Affairs of Estonia, and Martin Cook, an adviser at the Department of Plant Health, specifically for Maablog. In late May, the FoodDocs platform won the 11th season of "Ajujaht" TV show. The system has been specifically designed to help food business operators meet food safety requirements and digitize the documents needed to create and run a business. Moreover, FoodDocs is designed in such a way that the HACCP plan, which is mandatory in the food industry, contains only company-specific information. To keep track of all the dangers, risks, and actions needed, a simple web page is hiding a clever FoodDocs system. When creating it, FoodDocs also consulted with the Ministry of Rural Affairs and the Veterinary and Food Department. Collaboration will continue as we strive for the best results and many questions that arise only during work. FoodDocs aims to provide its services in all areas of the food industry. The food and retail sector was used as a starting point. As FoodDocs is subject to generally accepted, directly applicable European Union laws, FoodDocs may extend beyond Estonia. Of course, the platform can be adapted to local requirements. In addition to creating a HACCP security plan, FoodDocs also offers services related to managing it, creating the necessary documents, completing emergency points checklists, as well as automatic reminders and notifications. In addition, staff can provide ongoing collaboration to ensure that HACCP plans prepared using the FoodDocs digital desktop meet all relevant requirements. The state itself can also switch to providing even better electronic services so that the data received from the processor to create the HACCP plan is automatically transmitted to the client portal of the Ministry of Rural Affairs, which facilitates information to the state. In plant growing, mobile applications help simplify day-to-day work. Estonia has also developed a number of innovative programs aimed at simplifying the farmer's daily work. Farm management systems (eg, VitalFields, eAgronom) are the most commonly used, they include the ability to record field work, plan future activities, track inputs and farmer stock. Like FoodDocs, developers of farm management systems are actively involved in introducing state requirements for farmers so that the farmer is automatically notified of work that requires compliance (such as plant protection products). In addition, features that increasingly allow the farmer to predict future actions (such as calculating fertilizer rates) are increasingly appearing in applications. Of course, much remains to be done to foster cooperation between technology developers, the state and farmers. For example, opportunities will be created for the use of state-collected agricultural data in technology development and for the effective use of technology in the agricultural sector. Agricultural development requires innovative ideas for production, analysis and smart growth. Article published on Economy [btn link = 'https: //app.fooddocs.eu/auth/register/about-you'] Join for Free [/ btn]