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The most innovative employees in the food sector!

We all, at least once a year, use the tax department's electronic environment to file our income statement, which ensures the transparency and efficiency of our tax matters. Now the innovation has come to the food sector - employees of the Veterinary and Food Department are involved in the development of FoodDocs, a digital desktop for food safety. FoodDocs, the winner of last season's Ajujaht, offers food businesses a simple digital environment where they can easily manage their own documentation. To date, more than 500 businesses have joined the platform, praising the idea and the digital platform. There are small and large enterprises among them - from the Gardening School in Räpina and Tokumaru to the big companies in Estonia like Dussman, Stockman, Selver, Prisma. "The main focus today is retail and the food sector, but time will tell where the ship will return," says FoodDocs representative Katrin Liivat. "Product development is important for customers to be able to use the service in the same way. We still have a lot to do in this direction. In the future, we're also definitely focused on production." The digital solution is now supported by the Veterinary and Food Department , whose responsibility is to oversee and ensure the food security of food businesses. Unlike the gaining popularity of communities recently, which aims to gather meaningless feedback on officials, FoodDocs has made more sense by asking customers and officials, in addition to making a digital desktop a more convenient environment for both parties. Discussing jointly what concerns our clients have found, together we have found a solution to a problem that is appropriate for both parties. It should be noted that the leadership of the Ministry of Rural Affairs and the Veterinary-Food Department, whose attitude to FoodDocs as an innovative service, was extremely positive from the outset. Working together to improve the system, the pinnacle of teamwork success was the recent introduction of FoodDocs digital platform capabilities to all Veterinary Food Inspectors and a list of suggestions. "The meeting was positive and constructive. Inspectors are open to new solutions and their feedback is simply irreplaceable. We have one common goal - to make food safe for people!" "Almost every week we are joined by new technologists and consultants who want to use the digital solution when serving their customers. We have a network that covers the whole of Estonia. It became not enough to have only one folder of papers in the corner of the kitchen for both clients and employees. Digital food safety, which is available in several languages, is the future, so we can rest assured that our food is safe!"

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