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Meeting with officials of the Veterinary and Food Department and the Ministry of Rural Affairs

On November 22, FoodDocs met with officials from the Veterinary and Food Department and the Ministry of Rural Affairs to discuss our customers' feedback. Since both the Veterinary and Food Departments and the Ministry of Rural Life as a whole were directly involved in the creation of the FoodDocs digital desktop, we are actually working daily to improve the content of the program. Therefore, personal meetings are always very productive and of great importance for the development of a desktop digital food safety system. Only in cooperation with our customers and officials of the Veterinary and Food Department we could meet all food safety requirements, make them transparent, consistent and understandable, and thus improve the quality of food safety. Many important topics were discussed during the meeting and solutions were found for all problem areas. Below are some of the key topics discussed and solutions found: Starting in the spring of 2019, the Digital Food Safety Program, along with the HACCP plan, will also generate economic activity alerts for temporary and mobile food businesses. As new food delivery businesses such as Wolt, Starship, Cleveron, and even food delivery drones hit the market, we discussed what food safety conditions would apply to them. There are many simple food safety issues that also make it difficult to draw up a plan: for example, you need to analyze the ice made on the ice generator, or the possibility of cooling or reheating, or processing food for a certain period of time. Important questions were also asked about the suppliers: for example, should and if so, what declarations of conformity of food contact materials should food companies ask from their supplier? For which products should the operator provide production capacity? During the meeting, we also thoroughly discussed the details of checklists. It also turned out that one of the biggest problems is health certificates. Since health certificates are often incomplete, what information should be included in it? All the answers to these questions can be found in FoodDocs. Safe food - lives saved!

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