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Fooddocs, SaaS for smart food safety management raises seed round of 300 000€

FoodDocs, compliance-as-a-service solution for digital food safety management, has raised 300 000€ in seed capital. The round was led by United Angels VC, with participation from angel investors Timo Rein (co-founder & CEO of Pipedrive), Märt Kelder (early Skype employee and first investor on Taxify), Martin Rand (co-founder of Vitalfields) and others.

Today, for food-related SMEs the process of staying on top of various food safety regulations and ensuring their compliance is cumbersome and bureaucratic. As a result, the companies struggle and retailers such as Whole Foods do not have good compliance visibility down the food supply chain. FoodDocs’ solution enables food suppliers to create and manage their mandatory food safety related processes and documentation in digitalized way quickly and easily, providing transparency through the whole supply chain.

FoodDocs, the winner of Estonia’s version of Shark Tank was founded in 2016 when Katrin Liivat and Karin Repp, both food technologists and restaurateurs, saw that both food-related SMEs and retail chains did not have easy-to-use solution for creating and keeping track of necessary food safety procedures. The companies had to produce and maintain lots of paperwork that became out-to-date fast, missed the regulatory updates and did not provide good overview both for internal and for external inspection.

“With FoodDocs, we have solved one of the most painful issues food-related companies had. So far, creating and managing food safety required either hiring a consultant or spending days of investigating the regulations and writing down the processes. FoodDocs provides digital environment for that, allows template-based creation, sharing and updating of food safety compliance processes with minimal effort. FoodDocs “digital quality stamp” provides transparency throughout the whole value chain” says Katrin Liivat, co-founder of FoodDocs.

The company already boasts large European retailers such as Stockmann, S-Group (the group managing Prisma) and Dussmann as customers along with hundreds of cafes, restaurants and SMEs that process food.

“FoodDocs ensures continuity and provides confidence that all necessary food safety documents are digital and up-to-date. The solution makes the same data available for people working in the food department, office managers, and inspection officials, and saves us substantial amount of time and money”, says Marge Turner the general manager of Stockmann.

As food safety regulations are uniform over Europe, FoodDocs plans to use the raised capital to expand further in Europe.

About FoodDocs

Fooddocs was founded in 2017 by Katrin Liivat and Karin Repp. The company is providing platform for food-related companies for creating, maintaining, updating, and sharing their food safety compliance in digitalized way. FoodDocs is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia and is used by hundreds of food processing retail outlets, restaurants and catering companies. www.fooddocs.eu

About United Angels VC

United Angels VC is an early stage venture capital fund based in Estonia. The fund mostly focuses on B2B, SaaS and foodtech solutions. The fund and its partners’ portfolios include some of the fastest growing companies originating from Northern-Europe, such as Taxify, Monese, and Veriff. The fund’s foodtech portfolio includes FoodDocs, Click & Grow, Epic Foods and eAgronom. www.unitedangels.vc


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