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Digital food safety program now available in five languages

FoodDocs has developed a multilingual food safety desktop which makes ensuring food safety much easier for food handlers. You can compile a digital food safety plan in five different languages with the program.

You choose between Estonian, Russian, English, Ukrainian and German and the program translates everything into your chosen language, with the correct terms and definitions, all in blink of an eye.

This translation opportunity makes it more convenient, faster and easier to train staff who speak a different language. Digital desktop allows employees to look through the activities related to the food safety plan in a language they understand. For example, how to monitor products, cleaning, pest control, collect waste and what the necessary hygiene requirements are. By doing the translation orally, some information might easily get lost in translation. FoodDocs users can be sure that all employees will get the information needed to ensure food safety in language they understand. 

As well as compiling a food safety plan, FoodDocs also allows you to create documents, fill monitoring sheets and receive automatic reminders, if something needs to be controlled or renewed, in different languages. Thus, the programme decreases the risk of human error. In FoodDocs, the text is translated correctly to the desired language and is unambiguous, nothing gets lost or replaced with misleading information.

Over 1700 enterprises are using FoodDocs to ensure food safety. Users can compile a food safety plan and fill up their activity licence or notification of economic activity with all the necessary additions in their desired language, translate it to Estonian and send it straight to The Veterinary and Food Board. Compile or change it in Russian, English, Ukrainian or German – for free.

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