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In 21st century people die from food poisoning!

Today, probably all Estonian newspaper readers were shocked by the story about poisoning caused by the bacterium and the death of two people! https://www.err.ee/983963/pealtnagija-kahelt-surnud-eestlaselt-on-leitud-m-v-wooli-kalatehasest-parit-listeeriabakter

It is not normal that in the 21st century, people in a developed country will essentially die from food poisoning!

If food safety were immediately available to all parties (including supplier, manufacturer, supervisor, consumer) in real time, there would be no such cases like M.V. Wool.

Listeria monocytogenes bacterium is widespread in the world and is found anywhere in the environment. Importantly, it should not begin to develop, which for a given bacterium development starts between 1-45 ℃, optimum growth is achieved between 30-37 ℃.

Where could M.V. Wool bacteria dangerously start to develop - so many options!

1. Fish farming. The fish was caught and wasn’t kept within right temperature ?

2. Transport from fish farming to M.V. Wool. In the truck refrigerator no necessary temperature has been guaranteed (max 4 degrees)?

3. In M.V. Wool - The fish was stored in wrong temperature? Treatment surfaces were bacteria contaminated? Workers cleanliness was not enough? Processing above allowed temperature? Etc.

4. Transportation from M.V. Wool to wholesale unit. In the truck refrigerator no necessary temperature guaranteed (max 4 degrees)?

5. Wholesale unit. Fish products weren’t kept within the right temperature?

6. Transport from wholesale unit to retail. In the truck refrigerator no necessary temperature guaranteed (max 4 degrees)?

7. Storage in a retail store / parcel terminal. Fish products weren't kept in the right temperature?

8. Casual consumer shopping bag. Shopping bag was kept by consumer in warm place?

9. In consumers' refrigerator. Product was consumed after allowed date?

If the whole of the above chain were to use real-time food safety solutions visible to all parties - to primary producer - transportation - manufacturer - transportation - wholesale - transportation - retail - transportation - customer - consumer supervision, food safety would be guaranteed.

Katrin Liivat

Founder of FoodDocs

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