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The Estonian digital food safety solution already has 3,000 users

The FoodDocs digital food safety solution, which has been operating for 1.5 years now, has already proved its value to 3,000 users in Estonia, Ukraine and Germany. The users include local companies (Selver, CoMarket, Biomarket, Pizzakiosk, OKO restaurants, Tokumaru etc.) as well as international companies (Dussmann, Stockmann, S-Group, Marriot, Charité, Holiday Inn etc.).

FoodDocs co-founder, food technologist Katrin Liivat says that companies which understand that ensuring food safety is a priority, that conventional paper management is too time-consuming, and that using a digital program is so much easier, have started to use e-administration.

“Especially in recent months, when food safety scandals are on the rise in Estonia and elsewhere in the world, companies are increasingly moving towards digital food safety management,” Liivat confirms the trend.

The awareness of small businesses in regards to food safety and the requirements that apply to them is relatively low, because the instructions are in a language that the layman cannot understand. Large companies do not have a real-time overview of the food safety status, as all documentation is mostly on paper. However, the migrant workforce, which is increasingly used by the food sector, simply does not understand the documents in the local language.

In Estonia alone, today there are a total of 9,535 food companies, 30% of which have already begun to use digital solutions in the short term. As a new segment, hotels have started using FoodDocs service to manage their food documentation in Estonia, Ukraine and Germany.

The next stage in the development of digital administration is aimed at food producers, which minimises the possibility of the production plant not meeting the established standards. With this, the company hopes to enter the market next year.

FoodDocs is a digital food safety documentation management program that helps food businesses keep their food safety documentation up to date and compliant. These companies have a 24/7 overview of the food safety status of their business. The cloud-based program creates a self-monitoring plan that is comprehensible to each company, allowing you to manage statutory documents at a glance, and reminds you of the necessary requirements. To date, the FoodDocs platform is used by over 3,000 companies in three countries.

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