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Estonian Public Broadcasting mediates: There could be an e-food Board in Estonia

Estonian Public Broadcasting mediates that according to food companies, there could be an e-food Board in Estonia. As companies consider food safety requirements to be voluminous and time consuming to work through, some believe that an e-Food Board could operate in Estonia.

You can see news here: https://www.err.ee/994070/toidutehnoloogi-arvates-voiks-eestis-olla-ka-e-toiduamet

Food business operators complain that the list of requirements is so long that it is really easy to miss a few points as the Estonian Public Broadcasting news said. For example, a small smoked meat producer needs to go through a whole book to comply with Veterinary and Food Board requirements, said the founder of FoodDocs and food technologist Katrin Liivat. She also noted that, like there is an e-Tax and Customs board, there could be an e-Food Board. "Every customer could go to any store or restaurant, where there is a QR-code on the wall and the customer could check if that business is eligible. How are the temperatures of the refrigerators and whether they have had the analyzes done," she said.

"In some countries such systems are built up, but it also requires that all the food handlers have agreed to submit their data in such a single database," said the chief inspector of food safety in Veterinary and Food board, Jaana Oona, who said that Estonia does not have such e- Food Board system yet.

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