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Following the HACCP BUSINESS FORUM in Kyiv

FoodDocs participated for the first time in an educational forum on HACCP implementation in Ukraine in Kyiv. The forum was organized with the support of the Association for the Integration of HACCP in Ukraine under the Main Directorate of the State Consumer Service in Kyiv. The idea of ​​this form came to mind the founders of the association for the implementation of HACCP in Ukraine, because they noticed how many people are experiencing difficulties, and do not understand as a result why fo they need them. The HACCP Association in Ukraine aims to educate and inform people, because the leaders of different food companies lack the proven information on how to apply the Law on Fundamental Principles and Requirements for Food Safety and Quality, which finally came into force on September 20, 2019. This law obliged all market operators, who in one way or another deal with food, to implement the HACCP system. The forum was attended by more than 1000 food market operators from Kyiv and Kyiv region. Among them were representatives of: processing enterprises of the hotel and restaurant business, trading network of agro-market ,markets heads of budget organizations and establishments where there are food blocks. Thanks to the excellent work of the organizers of this event, FoodDocs was able to break its last record of user registration four times, their number reached 500 new users in 1 day! Our booth was very popular. Merike Matas, General Sales Manager, and Katriin Vannik, FoodDocs Technology Developer and Team Leader, were delighted to meet our old and new customers and acknowledge the interest in the FoodDocs digital desktop for food safety was big. FoodDocs is like a living organism that is constantly being updated and updated. With the introduction of a handy mobile phone app, FoodDocs has become even more convenient and functional.FoodDocs is grateful to both the organizers and the HACCP Association in Ukraine for being able to participate in such a positive endeavor. Our overall priority is help and solutions to food security issues with HACCP digital implementation tools and monitoring sheets that are easy to fill in right on your mobile phone! Thank you all for being with us! 

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