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Is food your business? Then start from FoodDocs

FoodDocs makes starting with food business easier

When starting with food business, it becomes clear very fast that a large number of paperwork needs to be kept in order to be successful. You need an activity license, know all the requirements, and compile a HACCP plan. All those operations are time-consuming, requiring exhaustive reflection and planning. With the help of FoodDocs, You can be sure that the food safety has ensured and nothing has forgotten.

The entrepreneur does not have to delve into laws and instructions because FoodDocs is doing the groundwork. The user can only concentrate on questions important to their activity. In that way, our digital platform makes getting all the things done comfortably.

If on paper, it is cumbersome to manage hundreds of pages of HACCP plan and keep it up to date throughout the years, but FoodDocs stores everything digitally. It is easy and convenient to use; we can assure that.

If any legislation is updated, the user will be notified through the system. This way FoodDocs can promise to all the new enterprises entering the food business that they will have everything they need in accordance with the law.

If any requirement deadline will come closer, the user will be notified by the app. This way, you can always be sure that all required tasks are always fulfilled.

HACCP plan with only 1 hour

If usually compiling food safety plan takes about three to four weeks, then with FoodDocs, You can do it within an hour and in different languages - English, Estonian, Russian, German and Ukrainian.

It also adds convenience that the HACCP plan can always be changed in the system and the system reminds the user when it is time, for example, for measuring core temperature, taking analysis, renewal of hygiene training or conducting an audit.

The user can assemble all the important documents and operations related to food safety in FoodDocs. Product descriptions, technological schemes, and data related to labelling are available in the system and are easy to update. It also enables to store documents, such as pest control plan, cleaning plan, equipment maintenance, and inspector’s reports digitally – that way, all the important documents are firmly retained and easy to find.

Real-time visibility about all business loactions' food safety

Entrepreneurs who have many business locations, will have a real-time visibility of all of their locations and observe that daily monitorings are made up, analyses are done and results are in order. FoodDocs users can have peace of mind because they know everything is all right. No need to drive location-by-location for finding that everything is unfilled - now on you can do it whenever you wish.

Full service of HACCP plan, including digital dashboard and App, starting from €750

It is a cakewalk to start using FoodDocs – it only takes a couple of clicks. You can try out the system for 14 days for free. You can also invite a trained food technologist from FoodDocs who helps to compile food safety plan and teaches how to use the system. The yearly open access package of FoodDocs starts from 750€.

In tight competition, using FoodDocs also shows the quality of the company. Digital food safety system helps to raise food safety degrees and lower the risks because the likelihood of human error decreases. FoodDocs helps the enterprises to ensure food safety for the consumer from handling the raw material, production until the delivery of end product and makes food safety transparent to all parties. Over 4000 users have already chosen FoodDocs – including many restaurants, cafes, shops, wholesale and retail traders. They are all different, but they are connected by prioritizing food safety. They value quality and efficiency, just like FoodDocs.


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