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11 important reasons why digital food safety plan is better than a paper one

Why have a lot of food businesses started using FoodDocs’ digital solutions instead of its’ paper alternative? They believe that the greatest challenge in food safety lies in the outdated or un-manageable HACCP plan. It creates unnecessary risks that no one wants to see happening. This is why they have started to use digital HACCP system that has become a relevant quality label for them.

Essentially, both digital and paper-based HACCP plan on paper must follow the requirements in force and be valid at all times. FoodDocs leaps forward offering effectivity, convenience and confidence to their users.

Why is FoodDocs’ digital HACCP plan better than a plan on paper? 

1. Easy setup

On average, compiling aHACCP plan takes about a month. With FoodDocs, you can compile it with just 1 hour.

2. Everything is always in order

You are receiving automatic notifications about expiring obligations and missing certificates. In digital system, nothing elapses and is not contrary to applicable requirements. All the food safety documents are in the one place and available to all the necessary parties. When did you last updated your plan? FoodDocs will do it for you.

3. Easy to change

You can update the plan right away. No need to waste the paper.

4. Non-existent bureaucracy

Submit the activity licence or share your HACCP plan straight from the system. No double work.

5. Multilingual system

Use in Estonian, Russian, English, German or Ukrainian. Translate for your employees to read.

6. Uniform and transparent

Trackable for all the parties. Not only inside the company, but also, to the partners, if needed. That is the quality label.

7. Real time overview

See, if daily monitorings are filled, analyses are done, employees have health certificates, food hygiene training is valid, audits are done. In every venue.

8. Digital monitoring sheets

Fill in the monitoring sheets conveniently from your phone or tablet. Get notifications, if something is not filled in. Nothing gets lost, nothing needs to be archived.

9. Personnel management

Here is an overview of your personnel, their health certificate, food hygiene trainings and expiry dates and employees who have read up on the food safety plan.

10. Secure and easy

Forget about constantly tracking the instructions and regulations and looking for answers through the agencies. Lessen the human error and let the system do the work for you, so you can focus on your main activity.

 What is FoodDocs?

FoodDocs is your virtual food safety specialist. When using FoodDocs, you can be sure that your documents are always according to the law and all the necessary requirements are filled on time. Our vision is that FoodDocs will become a transparent platform for food handling companies throughout the entire supply chain and also legislation between officials and customers, that take the wishes of all parties into account.

Manage your company’s food safety conveniently and join our thriving users.

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